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Recent Project Photos



Before and after pictures of a rural front entranceway.  Here we took the existing dry laid flagstones
(set on gravel) and re-set them into a wet lay application (set in mortar on concrete).


Sometimes these 'look-a-like' or man made stones are a great way to get a natural effect with a little tighter budget.  
Here the space was tight because of a septic tank (now right under the walkway) and the flow through traffic of the driveway into the garage. By bringing the steps toward the road (away from house), we were able to reach the the front door with minimum rise, and create a comfortable winding path.

Access to the septic tank is maintained simply by lifting one of the man made


We are still waiting for the lights to be installed at this point, however I feel like the idea of completion is there.  I will update these photos this year.



Some before and after photos of a front entrance project using natural stone steps and armour stone with a mix of man made wall and paving materials.


By adding a low wall to this entrance area we accomplished an open feeling of invitation, and retained a planting bed on this slightly hilled property in the city.

Materials used; Man made wall stone and steps and large natural armor stone.

Unfortunately there were no before pictures.

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